Sunday, August 22, 2010

The infamous wind

We've met cyclists telling us their war stories about the Icelandic wind: "That day I could only do 30 kilometers all day." "My average speed was 3,5 km/h." "I met a couple who had done 20 kilometers in a whole day." We had experienced some pretty strong head wind, but in the afternoon, getting down from a mountain, we also got a taste of the real deal.

We had had tail wind amost all day, but it suddenly turned, and the head wind started hitting us in gushes, sometimes making it a real struggle to keep the bike moving even downhill. Later it came from the side, so strong that if we accidentally lifted one hand from the handlebar the bike lurched dangerously to the side. We only had 25 kilometers left so we didn't have to abandon all hope and camp by the road, but our understanding of strong wind certainly is on a whole new level after this experience...

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