Sunday, August 22, 2010

Of sheep and men and women

The Lonely Planet book has been Kaisa's closest friend these last two weeks, but after reading about all the places we'd visit, and all the places we might visit, and all the places we wouldn't possibly have the time to visit, she needed a change. It presented itself to her at the bookstore in Akureyri in the form of Halldór Laxness' classic epic Independent People.

Kaisa generally prefers books written by living women to those authored by dead men, but she decided to make an exception because of the highly interesting theme of the book: life on the Icelandic countryside about 100 years ago.

We've been cycling through endless valleys and moors, always seeing sheep by the side of the road, in the most difficult terrain and far higher than we ever would've imagined any sheep would care to climb. And now Kaisa's thrown herself into the world of a literary character for whom sheep are all there is to life. What a perfect travel book for the ring road!

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